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More than just a caretaker role, DarwinPW offers an experienced property management team that works in partnership with owners to enhance building operations and value. Through continuous dialogue with owners we determine goals, outline steps to reach them, and document progress.

DarwinPW’s management team practices a hands-on management approach with frequent site inspections and contact with tenants, which helps to maintain high occupancy and tenant retention rates. Seamless integration with DarwinPW’s brokerage, construction, and accounting departments provides the management team with the resources to oversee properties competently, efficiently, and economically.

DarwinPW’s management group supervises commercial properties for 50 ownership entities. Our portfolio consists of 40 buildings, measuring over two million square feet, located throughout Chicagoland and the Midwest. Our 200 plus tenants include a range of businesses from small machine shops to large corporations, such as Walgreens and Avent America.